BioXtra Toothpaste

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BioXtra are a brand that provides very specialised ranges of toothpastes that are not often supplied by other brands. They have a range to care for those with dry mouths, another for babies and a final one for pregnant women.

Dry Mouth: BioXtra have supplied a range for dry mouth care as the lack of saliva can actually cause your teeth and gums to deteriorate with more plaque and bad breath. To deal with the problems of having a persistently dry mouth, BioXtra have formulated their Moisturising toothpaste. This is designed to strengthen teeth and prevent mouth ulcers, keep a good pH balance for plaque control and bad breath prevention, as well as claiming to activate the saliva’s defence mechanisms.

Babies: BioXtra market a Gel Toothpaste to remove bacteria safely from your babies mouth. It has faint fruit flavouring and contains a small amount of fluoride to prevent infant cavity formation.

Pregnant Women: The toothpaste formulated for expectant mothers contains bio-active milk molecules. It also keeps a balanced pH and fights bacteria that form plaques. BioXtra have deemed it necessary to provide a toothpaste especially for pregnant women as they state that due to hormonal change during pregnancy, 65-70% of women suffer oral problems – known as “pregnancy gingivitis”. The pregnancy hormone can apparently cause a build up of bacteria in the mouth that can not only damage teeth, but also affect the development of the unborn baby.

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