Signal Toothpaste

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Signal is sold in over 48 countries (it is the best selling dental hygiene brand in Sri Lanka) across the globe and is produced by renowned company, Unilever.  The brand boasts having various options for different dental needs and claims to have two guarantees:

  • Signal Whiting will give you whiter teeth within a month.
  • Your teeth will be strong and healthy after using Signal products.

There are four toothpastes manufactured by Signal at present:

  • Signal Core – The most standard of their toothpastes promoting strong, healthy teeth.
  • Signal Whitening  - This product claims to also whiten teeth.
  • Signal Herbal – This toothpaste is aimed to relieve both teeth and gums of inner heat via a cooling effect.
  • Signal Triple Action – All round oral protection from bacteria and other problems.

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