Colgate Anti-Tartar Plus Whitening

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Colgate Anti-Tartar plus Whitening is the UK version of Colgate Tartar Protection. It is a toothpaste that Colgate has specially designed to breakdown and remove tartar build up as well as eliminating surface stains on the teeth to give a healthier looking smile.

Is tartar build up obvious?

Most people do not realise that they have a build up of tartar on their teeth. It frequently gathers along the gum line, which is often missed whilst brushing. However, many other people can feel that tartar on the surface of their teeth as they do not feel as smooth and polished as they previously did.

The build up of tartar can subsequently lead to tooth decay and gum infection, which can be painful. Not only this, but it can make a smile significantly less attractive. To aid the removal of the tartar to prevent this, Colgate Anti-Tartar plus Whitening is the ideal product.

What else does this toothpaste do?

As it explains in the name, Colgate have formulated this toothpaste with whitening properties to provide the consumer with a more attractive, whiter, healthier smile. This is deemed very important by many people, for a number of reasons, whether it be to make themselves seem more attractive or to have a more youthful appearance, as tooth discolouration can be a big indicator of age.

To whiten teeth, Colgate Anti-Tartar plus Whitening breaks down the surface stains on the teeth and removes them. This helps restore the natural whiteness of the teeth overtime.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste is highly recommended for those who wish for a whiter smile whilst upholding good oral health.

To achieve the optimum results, the toothpaste should be used every morning and night. For the whitest possible outcome, you should also continue to use this toothpaste over a long period of time so as many stains as possible can be broken down and removed to restore the natural whiteness.

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