Colgate Total Advanced Clean

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Colgate Total Advanced clean is publicly available on the US and UK markets. It is an innovative product that Colgate has formulated, which claims to give teeth and gums a ‘dentist clean feeling’.

Colgate Total Advanced Clean targets areas of the mouth that are often missed by brushing. Once it reaches these areas, Advanced Clean thoroughly cleans and polishes them to the same standard as those teeth that are regularly exposed to good cleaning action. This prevents the build up of plaque and bacteria in hard to reach areas, providing more protection against cavities, tooth decay, halitosis and gum infection.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

Colgate Total Advanced Clean is appropriate for use by everybody. However, it is especially ideal for those who want to be aware that their mouth is protected and fresh between brushing and for those who wish for a thorough clean everyday.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used twice everyday, morning and night, as you would with your standard toothpaste. Just because it stakes claims to leave you with a ‘dentist clean feeling’, this in no way means that you should cease visiting the dentist every 6 months for a check up. These bi-annual check ups are vital for your oral care as the dentist may be able to point out issues you are unaware of and provide you with professional, beneficial treatment.

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