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Colgate knows the importance of keeping children’s teeth and gums healthy, so their specialised range for children does not stop in the UK. Available on the US market is Colgate Kids toothpaste. The range is very similar to that of the UK, however, the products are adapted to a more US audience by changing the characters to ones more known by American children.

The mains toothpastes that are offered by Colgate to children in the US are Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Sqaurepants. This is no differences between the toothpaste itself, the differences is purely to do with a choice for the child so they can choose the character they prefer.

Who are these toothpastes suitable for?

The recommended consumers for the Dora and Spongebob toothpastes are children who are over the age of two years old. Colgate have adapted the toothpastes to this audience by giving them a bubble fruit flavour, as opposed to the strong mint taste of regular toothpaste, to make brushing teeth a more pleasant experience so the child is not put off in future.

The toothpastes are suitable for children over two years old as they provide protection to the developing teeth from cavities and tooth decay. They have also been put in a tube that you can stand up and has an easy to open cap, to make it more suited for use by the younger audience.

Recommended Usage

Colgate Kids toothpastes should be used every morning and night to provide the best protection against oral health issues. The toothpaste should be administered as a rather small amount on a soft-bristled toothbrush. The child should then be supervised/have their teeth brushed by an adult, to ensure that the mouth is thoroughly cleaned and that the foam is not swallowed.

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