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Colgate Oxygen is devised to keep the mouth feeling fresh and clean all through the day. It is another Colgate product confirmed to be well liked among shoppers in the UK. This toothpaste offers its clients a careful and thorough cleaning experience and freshness that can last a long time, between brushes. It also delivers defence against plaque formation; bacteria build up; tooth decay and gum infection, like most other toothpastes.

How does it work?

Colgate Oxygen releases petite bubbles of oxygen as soon as you start to brush your teeth. These travel and disperse throughout the mouth and access those difficult areas between and around teeth to give a in-depth clean and freshness that lasts.

Colgate claims that the oxygen works so successfully by physically disconnecting adhesive plaque from tooth enamel and then removing it. This makes teeth smoother and cleaner as well as abolishing the capabilities of plaque and tartar to build up and cause supplementary oral health problems.

Who is Colgate Oxygen toothpaste suitable for?

Colgate Oxygen is appropriate for use by everyone; however, it may principally benefit sufferers of halitosis (bad breath). The cleaning process provided by the oxygen bubbles, gives the mouth a truly fresh feeling that lasts between brushing. This may just eradicate the issues that arise from bad breath.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used every morning and night as part of your regular oral health maintenance routine to achieve the best results. Using this toothpaste over a significant period of time could really benefit those who have a problem with halitosis and wish to resolve it for a long time. If this toothpaste does not solve the issue and it is bothering you, you should visit your dentist to get a professional opinion and recommendation as to what to do next.

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