Colgate Triple Cool Stripe

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The Triple Cool Strip of this toothpaste by Colgate represents the multi-functional properties of the product. It has been developed to protect against the formation of cavities, freshen breath and fight halitosis, strengthen teeth and enamel as well as keeping gums strong and healthy. Currently, this toothpaste is only available on the UK market.

One of the stripes in Colgate Triple Cool Stripe toothpaste is blue. This particular stripe acts by strengthening teeth. This can protect the teeth against cavities forming and the decay that can often follow. This is important as tooth decay can be very painful and cause tooth loss and a generally aesthetically unappealing smile.

Who is Colgate Triple Cool Stripe toothpaste suitable for?

Colgate Triple Cool Stripe is appropriate for the whole family. It provides all round protection against oral health issues whilst maintaining a fresh breath. This is very good if you are looking for a general-purpose toothpaste, however, if you want something more specific, such as whitening, you may wish to continue looking for a specially designed toothpaste for the job.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste is recommended to use twice every day to obtain the more beneficial outcome. If the toothpaste is being used to clean a child’s teeth, you should ensure only a rather small amount is placed on the brush and swallowing should be prevented as this toothpaste does contain fluoride (which can cause fluorosis of milk teeth).

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