Colgate Sparkling White

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If you didn’t already feel like Colgate offered enough choice in the area of tooth whitening, here is another option for you – Colgate Sparkling White. It is currently available in the US, but has a similar version available to those in the UK.

What does it do?

This toothpaste has been developed in conjunction with the ever-increasing desire for whiter teeth by more and more of the population. This toothpaste works by breaking down and removing surface stains whilst preventing the formation of new ones.

Colgate Sparkling White toothpaste also provides its users with the benefits of normal toothpastes and gels. It protects against plaque and tartar build up that can consequent in tooth decay and gum infection, which can be both painful and expensive to repair/resolve. It also strengthens and protects tooth enamel with the addition of fluoride. This protects against the formation of cavities, which if left untreated can also cause tooth decay. If cavities are treated, however, it is not very pleasant and fillings are often required, which can be quite painful and unattractive as well as expensive.

What options are available?

Colgate have supplied consumers with a selection of Sparkling White toothpastes to choose from to suit any preferences the individual may have. These options are all around the basis of flavour. You can pick from White CinnaMint, White Mint Zing and White Caribbean Cool. All of these flavours provide the same level of protection so there is no concern that you may choose a flavour that supplies fewer benefits.

Recommended Usage

Whichever Colgate Sparkling White toothpaste is chosen, you should use it twice every day as part of your oral health maintenance routine. For optimum results and a brighter, whiter smile, you should stick by using this toothpaste for a significant period of time, as the whitening process is gradual as opposed to instant.

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