Colgate Blue Minty Gel

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Colgate Blue Minty Gel is available to consumers in the UK at present. It has two key aims in terms of oral health maintenance. Primarily, it binds to the enamel on the surface of teeth to make it stronger to prevent cavities formation and tooth decay. Also, Blue Minty Gel has quite a strong, mint flavour that provides a fresh breath and protects against halitosis (bad breath).

The gel forms fine, light foam as you brush your teeth to penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. This give the whole mouth a thorough clean and can reach tooth surface to bind to as much enamel as possible to give added strength.

Who is this toothpaste recommended for?

Colgate Blue Mint Gel is appropriate for use for everybody. However, it is possibly more beneficial for those who suffer halitosis and wish to achieve a fresher breath throughout the day.

Recommended Usage

Colgate Blue Minty Gel should be used as you would you your normal toothpaste, twice everyday, each morning and night. If you feel like your breath is bad between meals, you are also able to brush your teeth with this gel between meals to freshen your mouth and restore confidence that there is no unpleasant odour or plaque build up.

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