Colgate Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste

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Colgate Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste is another product by Colgate that is medicated especially to stop and treat oral health problems, such as cavities. This toothpaste has undergone clinical studies and the results showed that after using Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste regularly for one year, there was a 20% reduction in caries (the progression of tooth decay) in the teeth.

How does it work?

Colgate Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste has a higher level of fluoride than most other toothpastes. This is to prevent the formation of caries, tooth decay and gum infection as fluoride is known to be a good, strengthening property. By doing so, this can provide great oral health benefits in the long term and can save a lot of money as problems you may previously have gone to a dentist to solve, have been prevented.

Recommended Usage

Before using Colgate Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste, you should maybe consult you dentist as the product is medicated. If it is appropriate for use, you should brush your teeth with it every day over a long period of time. If done so, this toothpaste can strengthen and protect teeth to leave you with fantastic oral health.

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