Colgate Total Plus Whitening

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Colgate Total Plus Whitening is another whitening product made available by Colgate. It is on the US and UK markets and is rather popular as it promotes that it is clinically proven to protect the mouth against harmful bacteria for up to 12 hours. This ensures the mouth stays clean, fresh and protected throughout the day in between brushing. This can be very self-assuring for those who do not have time to brush their teeth after every meal.

How does it work?

Colgate Total plus Whitening toothpaste provides all the benefits of a standard toothpaste, such as protecting teeth against plaque and tartar build up, fighting bacteria and preventing tooth decay and gum infection.

This toothpaste also contains a whitening ingredient, which is clinically proven to gently break down stains over time and remove them to restore the tooth’s natural whiteness. It is not, however, suitable to get rid of extreme stains that have built up over many years. This is a common hurdle with many whitening toothpastes. It may be advised that if you have this problem, it may be worth investing in getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist.

Colgate Total plus Whitening toothpaste also has a fresh, minty flavour, which can leave the mouth refreshed throughout the day and can keep paranoia about bad breath at bay.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is especially well suited for those who wish to have a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day and want to be safe in the knowledge that their teeth are protected against plaque and bacteria between brushes. It is also recommended for those with mild to moderate staining or discolouration, who wish to gradually restore the natural whiteness to their smile over time.

Recommended Usage

To obtain the optimum results, Colgate Total Plus Whitening should be used every morning and every night over a significant length of time.

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