Colgate Fluoriguard Gel

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Colgate have developed Fluoriguard Gel as a specially medicated toothpaste that contains a level of fluoride gel that can provide a significantly higher amount of protection from cavities and tooth decay, compared to other fluoride toothpastes. This toothpaste is only available with a prescription; therefore unless you have obtained such a document from your dentist, you should not use this product.

Fluoride is commonly considered a key ingredient in toothpaste as it is proven to strengthen the enamel. This can prevent the formation of cavities and tooth decay. It can also stop the enamel being eroded to such an extent that the dentine layer underneath is exposed. With this exposed comes pain when certain food and drink (especially hot and cold) is consumed as it travels down tiny tubules in the dentine and reach the nerves causing a painful reaction. Therefore, Colgate Fluoriguard Gel can be very useful in protecting against this.

How does Colgate Fluoriguard Gel work?

Colgate Fluoriguard Gel contains stannous and fluoride ions to provide the mouth with a higher level of protection. These ions are very effective in strengthening the enamel.

The fluoride ions form a mineral layer on the teeth. This layer aids in protecting the teeth against acidic food and drink that can cause significant damage to the enamel.

Fluoriguard Gel is also clinically proven to fight bacteria and reduce the amount that resides in the mouth. This is beneficial as the bacteria use food particles to produce harmful acids. These acids can cause plaque and tartar accumulation, halitosis, cavities, and tooth decay and gum infection if they are left to build up.

Recommended Usage

This product must only be used if prescribed by a dentist due to the content of medical ingredients. If you genuinely believe that Fluoriguard Gel will be of benefit to you, you should consult your dentist rather than seeking it yourself.

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