Colgate Duraphat Varnish toothpaste

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Colgate Duraphat Varnish toothpaste has been developed to provide relief from a variety of oral health problems. Like Duraphat Fluoride toothpaste, is it extremely effective in terms of preventing caries and tooth decay. As well as this, Colgate has designed Duraphat Varnish toothpaste to also help prevent and treat hypersensitivity, which is a problem for many people.

How does it work?

Colgate Duraphat Varnish toothpaste is primarily beneficial for those who suffer the painful symptoms associated with sensitive teeth when consuming certain food and drink. To help prevent this, Duraphat Varnish toothpaste contains a higher level of sodium fluoride varnish that most toothpastes.

The sodium fluoride is effective after just one use and when it come into contain with the tooth enamel, it makes sure that calcium is building up on the teeth to make them strong and healthier as well as more resistant to the development of dental problems such as cavities, acid erosion and decay.

It is also possible that Colgate Duraphat Varnish toothpaste will provide instant pain relief and protection from the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

Recommended Usage

As this product contains medication, it is only available on prescription. Once you have obtained this from your dentist, you will be advised on how to use it to gain the most benefits.

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