Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean

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Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean is currently only available to consumers in the UK. It is a product designed for use as well as your regular toothpaste, and it is developed for use just once a week so it does not add any extra hassle to your daily routine.

Colgate claims that Total Professional Weekly Clean will give consumers the standard of cleaning you would expect to obtain after a professional clean by the dentist. This claim has been partially supported by scientific research and development as well as being tested by actual dentists in a professional environment. The results are a high level of oral hygiene and a thorough clean.

How does it work?

This toothpaste has the ingredient prophy-silica to bring it up to the standard of professional products used in cleaning by dentists. This can be said as it is actually used in dentist products to give an exceptional level of cleanliness.

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean is able to gain access to those more difficult to reach areas of the mouth that of frequently missed when brushing. This can remove built up plaque, tartar and bacteria, which can lead to halitosis, gum infection and tooth decay If left to build up further.

Recommended Usage

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean should be used once each week for about three minutes as an addition to your normal oral health routine (where you should be using a standard toothpaste twice everyday – morning and night). This treatment should in no way be used as a replacement for visiting the dentist. You must still have bi-annual check ups to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good condition and that no additional treatment is required.

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