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Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste is available and very popular in both the US and the UK. This toothpaste provides all the benefits associated with normal toothpaste, such as protection against plaque, tartar build up, tooth decay and gum infection. However, Total Fresh has the added bonus of effectively combatting the bacteria that lead to halitosis (bad breath).

How does it work?

To prevent bad breath, Colgate has included special cooling crystals into the Max Fresh formula. These aims to prolong the fresh clean feeling that is obtained after brushing teeth. These cooling crystals are sugar-free and dissolve upon brushing your teeth. This allows them to spread throughout the mouth and have an effect on and between more teeth.

Rather than masking the odour, Colgate Max Fresh tackles the bacteria that cause it to get to the route of the problem and provide long-term relief. Oral bacteria produce plaque acids that can build up. The combination of these with food particles that often become lodged in the mouth can cause halitosis. Therefore, by eliminating the bacteria as well as thoroughly cleaning the mouth of food debris, you are dealing with the bad breath issue at the source.

Who is Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste suitable for?

Colgate Max Fresh is a toothpaste that has been made appropriate for global use, although it children is should not be used until at least 6 years old (due to a relatively high concentration of fluoride that can cause fluorosis in milk teeth). However, it is specifically recommended for those who suffer from halitosis and who wish to fight the cause of the problem as opposed to just masking it.

Despite this toothpaste being suitable for anyone older than 6 years old; it is recommended that due to the presence of some milk teeth in children over the age of 6, until they reach 10 years old, a more child-friendly toothpaste should be used with a low level of fluoride. Luckily, such an option can be sought if you wish to stick to using Colgate.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used twice every day for optimum effects. If being used to clean the teeth of children, only a rather small amount should be administered and the brushing process should be observed by a responsible adult to ensure that the foam is not accidentally swallowed.

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