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Colgate Luminous toothpaste has been designed to strengthen teeth and protect against stains and is currently available on the US market. It is available in two varieties. Firstly is Crystal Clear Mint and secondly is Paradise Fresh. These two toothpastes merely differ in flavour so you can select the one you prefer. They both perform the beneficial functions you would expect your ordinary toothpaste to do, such as protect against cavity formation as well as bacteria and plaque build up.

How does it work?

Colgate Luminous contains fluoride and silica, which work together to improve and strengthen tooth enamel whilst remineralising areas where the enamel has been lost. Enamel can be eroded away by general wear and tear throughout life. This makes teeth vulnerable to tooth decay as well as sensitivity as the loss of enamel allows the exposure of dentine and nerves to the oral environment.

Colgate Luminous also protects against surface stains and subsequent tooth discolouration that may arise from the consumption of certain food and drink. This ensures that your smile remains naturally white and ‘luminous’.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

Colgate Luminous is appropriate for use by everyone over 6 years old. It would be ideal for those who long for all round protection against oral health issues as well as wanting to improve the aesthetics of their smile if they suffer from tooth discolouration.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used twice everyday - morning and night - as part of your normal oral health maintenance routine. If you with, you could use this toothpaste in conjunction with a mouthwash for even more thorough cleaning.

If the toothpaste is being used to clean the teeth of a child, only a rather small amount should be administered and supervision of the brushing process is probably necessary. This is because Colgate Luminous contains fluoride, and if swallowed in significant quantities, it can lead to fluorosis in the milk teeth of children.

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