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Colgate has developed the Ultrabrite range to supply those in the US with deep cleaning, whitening products as well as the enamel protect associated with fluoride. The range currently available in the US contains Advanced Whitening, Baking Soda & Peroxide, All-in-One and Extra Freshening. All of these toothpastes offer long-lasting protection against bad breath (halitosis), bacteria and the subsequent plaque acids as well as promising to keep teeth and gums in a fresh and healthy state.

Why is fluoride content in this range important?

Colgate Ultrabrite toothpastes contain fluoride, as it is a good ingredient for the strengthening of enamel. This ensures that the tooth as a whole is made stronger and more resistant to the formation of cavities. The cavities can lead to the need for expensive fillings or left untreated, they can lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues.

The ingredient, fluoride, has become a vital component of a vast variety of new toothpastes, as people are constantly seeking stronger, healthier teeth and money-saving ideas. However, in children with milk teeth, if too much fluoride is swallowed during tooth brushing, it can lead to fluorosis. This is a problem where the teeth become discoloured due to speckling. The problem tends to stop when the milk teeth fall out and new adult teeth come through, however it is still important to ward off fluorosis. This can be done by only giving the child a rather small amount of fluoride-containing toothpaste onto their toothbrush, and by supervising the brushing process to try and prevent accidental swallowing.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is a good, all round toothpaste that gives the mouth a thorough, deep clean and long-lasting protection against oral health issues. This consequently means that it is the ideal toothpaste for those who are looking for general good oral health, whilst making their teeth have a whiter, brighter appearance for a more aesthetically pleasing and more youthful smile.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste should be used regularly, as you would use your normal toothpaste. You should brush your teeth with one of the Ultrabrite range every morning and night to achieve the optimum results and best protection.

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