Who is Suitable for Dianette?

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Dianette can have an effect on some women with certain medical conditions and there are a number of conditions in which you should not take the pill as the pill can aggravate them.

If you have any of the following medical conditions, you are advised against using Dianette as a form of contraception. Your health would be at risk if you were prescribed Dianette so therefore your doctor would not prescribe you the contraceptive pill. As breast cancer is a disease that can be slightly increased by the pill, if you have had or have breast cancer, it could be aggravated by the pill. You also aren’t suitable for the pill of you have any form of liver disease or tumours, have had a heart attack, stroke or blood circulatory problems especially if you or your family have a history of blood clots. The pill can aggravate diabetes in which you have complications and can also affect your blood pressure by causing it to rise so if you already have high blood pressure, you are not suitable for the pill. If you suffer from severe migraines that cause visual problems, the pill will not be prescribed to you.

You will also not be suitable for the pill if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The pill can reduce your flow of milk and you can pass the hormones onto your child through the breast milk. Although there have been no signs of developmental problems or any harm from doing so, the evidence is not conclusive and women who are breast-feeding are advised to use another form of contraception.

Sometimes, the pill can make certain conditions worse. It does not usually do so but there are associations between the pill and some diseases. Therefore, if you have any of the following medical conditions, the pill is not very suitable but you can use it with caution, provided you have regular check ups with your doctor. The doctor will need to monitor you closely for any changes in your conditions or the presence of any adverse side effects to make sure that the pill is the right method of contraception for you to use.

If you are overweight, have a family history of blood clots, have chloasma, have diabetes without complications, experience migraines, have pancreatitis or porphyrias, you will need to be monitored closely.  Also, the pill can cause mood swings so if you have a history of depression or are currently suffering from it, the pill can aggravate your condition.

It is important to let the doctor know of any medical condition or any medication you are taking so that they can make sure that you won’t be at harm if you use the pill and ensure that the pill will be the most effective method of contraception for you. 

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