Premature Ejaculation and using Condoms

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A large variety of different condoms are available on the market including those which offer the wearer reduced sensitivity during intercourse.  Condoms are widely available at pharmacies and family planning clinics.

Advantages of using condoms to control premature ejaculation

The act of wearing any condom will reduce sensitivity to a degree, but those specifically designed for men with PE can reduce it significantly, thus enabling you to have better control over climax and ejaculation.  These condoms usually contain a topical local anaesthetic inside the condom.  This has the benefit of avoiding the chance of your partner suffering any irritation.  In addition to using condoms to reduce your sensitivity, your partner may benefit from those which can improve the sensation they feel.  These may prove to be particularly useful if your partner has trouble reaching climax.  Of course, wearing a condom comes with the additional benefits of offering both the wearer and partner protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unwanted pregnancy when used correctly.

Disadvantages of using condoms to control premature ejaculation

Although condoms developed for PE can offer a cheap and easy solution to the problem, there are also some negatives to using them.  For instance, as with other topical anaesthetics sex should not be attempted straight away, especially if your PE is severe.  You need to leave adequate time for the numbing to take effect and this may vary according to the chemicals used.  Though it should only take a few minutes this could still be seen as a downside to some.  Also it is worth remembering that although your partner will not have to worry about side effects providing that they do not come into contact with the chemical, it is possible that you could still experience some irritation.  If you do find that you have a rash or irritation then you may be encouraged to still utilise condoms in your treatment plan of PE based on their other benefits of protection.  Thicker condoms can be used to help reduce sensitivity when numbing isn’t an option.

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