Desensitizing Creams for use in the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

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One of the most popular types of product purchased by men with PE are desensitising creams.  These are often viewed as a potential “quick fix” to the problem, being relatively inexpensive, easy to apply and not requiring a trip to the doctors.  However there are some negative side effects that can become apparent in some people using such products.

Desensitising creams

Topical creams and aerosols exist which act as a mild local anaesthetic and can be applied to the penis a short time before intercourse is attempted.  They act to reduce the amount of sensation in the penis by blocking nerve transmission in the immediate area where the cream is applied.  Such products can significantly increase the latency period in the duration of intercourse before ejaculation.  Although these are not generally recommended before attempting behavioural techniques due to the irritation they may cause either to the penis or vagina.  Furthermore and more obviously, the reduced sensation of the penis can reduce the pleasure found in engaging in sexual intercourse.  Nevertheless you may wish to try out a desensitising product for yourself.  Numerous trials have shown them to make a considerable improvement in the ejaculatory control of many men and they are considered a relatively effective and safe option for treatment.  Your local drug store or pharmacy should stock a selection of products including condoms with a desensitising chemical incorporated into them.

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