Causes of Premature Ejaculation

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PE can be caused by a variety of physical and physiological factors and it is likely that you will find you have a combination of issues which need to be resolved.  Medical professionals such as you GP will often treat the physical symptoms but you may be referred to a sexual therapist to deal with the physiological aspects of the condition.

Primary PE

You have Primary PE if the problem has been present from the time of sexual maturation and so since the first time you had sexual intercourse with someone.  The causes for this type of PE are likely to be psychological and may distend from a deep-rooted emotional issue.  This subset of the condition is more likely to become a lifelong condition and may require a more intensive management and treatment programme.

Secondary PE

The reason for the onset of Secondary PE is generally not due to a medical disorder and is rarely related to substance intake.  One exception of this is where the use of psychotropic drugs is involved, possibly leading to hyper-excitability, although the problem should correct itself with discontinued use of the compound.  Other examples of where Secondary PE may be brought on because of other health issues are where conditions like erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis are also factors.  Additional treatment is required in these cases to enable successful rectification of PE.  Yet aside from these instances, in the majority of cases an exact cause is unknown, although generally there are physiological factors which may be implicated.

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