Possible Future Treatments for Premature Ejaculation     

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Science is continually making advances in the technology available to us and improving our knowledge of the vast array of health issues that face us today so that we may better treat them.  Expanding our understanding of the condition of PE is no different and the future should see significant developments in its management and treatment.

Clinical approval of drugs

For medications to be applicable for use by people they must undergo rigorous trials and testing to ensure not only that they are safe, but also that they are capable of achieving what they are intended to do.  Drug development and testing is notoriously expensive.  If more men were to come forward and disclose that they are suffering from PE, this could push the likelihood of more funding being poured into research of the condition.  One important area of research urgently needed is that of the drug discovery of compounds capable of treating PE and its associated problems in order to combat the weakening effect of Dapoxetine and other SSRIs evident with continued use.  In addition further treatments which are, on the whole, significantly more effective in managing symptoms are required, particularly for those suffering from lifelong Primary PE.


If patients experiencing erectile dysfunction are treated early there is evidence to suggest that this may prevent the development of secondary PE in the future.  Likewise treating chronic bacterial prostatitis with antibiotics can diminish problems with ejaculatory control.

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