Desensitizing Sprays for use in the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

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Aerosols offer an alternative to topical creams to reduce the sensitivity of the penis although at present there are only a small number of products available for purchase.  There are, however, aerosols treatments currently in the final stages of clinical trials that have exhibited promising results in improving IELT in men with PE.


Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic with a variety of uses including as a spray for improving PE.  It works in much the same way as other topical products in that it reduces the sensitivity of the penis to help delay ejaculation.  Unlike many other aerosol treatments however, it is currently available for sale.  The recommended dosage is that the product be sprayed between 3 and 8 times onto the penis from as little as 5 to 15 minutes prior to intercourse.  As with all medications there may be side effects and some men or their partners have experienced a mild rash or irritation from using the product.

TEMPE (PSD502) desensitising aerosol

TEMPE is a topical aerosol which has shown promising results throughout clinical trials.  The product contains a combination of two fast acting local anaesthetics in an aerosol form.  The product can be applied less than 5 minutes before intercourse, with effects reportedly lasting for at least 2 hours.  One phase III study saw 300 men split into two cohorts and then given either the TEMPE spray or a placebo to apply 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.  Before using the treatment the average IELT from both groups was 0.6 minutes; after using the placebo this time increased to just 1 minute before ejaculation whereas men using TEMPE improved their latency time before ejaculation to more than 6 times longer than the original average IELT (4 minutes).  There is very little observed difference in the effectiveness of TEMPE whether Primary or Secondary PE is present.  In addition, adverse side effects were mild and present in only 2.6% of men using TEMPE.  Approval of TEMPE by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is being sought and if accepted the product will be available for sale in all 27 member states including the UK.

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