Availability of Premature Ejaculation Treatment on the NHS

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As with the treatment of most disorders treated in the United Kingdom, the NHS covers the cost of a variety of aspects of the treatment process from consultations with GPs and specialists, to receiving a diagnosis, to many of the different treatment options available for consideration.

What is covered?

For UK and other accepted patients, consultations with NHS providers are free including any specialist referrals.  Necessary tests and other diagnostic tools are also usually covered.  Patients living in England can expect to pay a small fee of around £7-£8 for any medications prescribed for them while those residing across the remainder of the UK (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are entitled to prescriptions at no cost.  Should counselling or sexual therapy be recommended you are usually expected to pay for such treatment under the current NHS policy, however there are some centres which are run under the NHS.  A variety of pharmacies will stock topical items and condoms for purchase and these are generally relatively inexpensive.  Rules for overseas patients requiring treatment in the UK are usually dependent on the country of origin of the patient and may vary.

Private medical care

You may wish to follow a private healthcare route for your treatment although this will still require a referral letter from your GP.  If you have insurance you should find out exactly what they will be happy to cover as this varies widely.  There are advantages over NHS care however costs are high with an initial consultation typically costing between £120 and £200.  Reasons for wanting to seek private medical treatment include avoiding NHS waiting times, the potential for a wider range of treatment options, a choice of consultant and being unhappy with NHS treatment.

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