Who to Approach about Premature Ejaculation

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Initially you should discuss your intentions with your partner so that they may also be involved in the treatment process.  Different health care professionals and specialists offer a variety of skills to help with the range of issues presented by PE.  You should be made aware of all treatment options available to you and your physician will be able to assist with referrals to any specialists you require the services of.

General practitioners and medical specialists

The first appointment you make will probably be with your General Practitioner (GP) who may refer you to an urologist if they feel one would be better equipped to help you.  A urologist is a specialist in the urinary tract of both males and females and the reproductive system of males.  If no other medical issues are present in addition to PE then there are no laboratory tests or procedures that need to be carried out in order for a diagnosis to be made.  On the other hand, should erectile dysfunction be a contributing factor to the condition, as is often the case with cases of Secondary PE, then your physician may suggest testing blood prolactin levels as well as your free and total testosterone levels. 

Sexual therapists and mental health care specialists

If your GP or urologist is unable to treat you, for example if psychological factors are primarily at play, then you may be referred to a sexual therapist or other mental health care specialist.  Sex therapists will be able to offer behavioural therapy options where some physicians may only be comfortable with assisting in medical treatment.  These particular experts will also have more time to explore the root cause of the problem and are trained to offer counselling and advice.  In addition, they will be able to discuss with you and adapt a treatment plan right for your needs.  This could incorporate resolving any psychological issues or stresses you may be experiencing and also involve sexual therapy techniques to aid with the physical aspect of PE.  You may be offered counselling to deal with emotional stresses and your chosen health care professional can also provide support in dealing with any relationship problems which have arisen due to PE.

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