Consultation for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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Whichever health care professional you seek assistance from, expect to provide a full history in order to correctly assess your particular situation.  Often it is beneficial for your partner to also be present at discussions to help ensure you both get the results you want from treatment. 

What to expect

The assessment should include information on factors such as your lifestyle, diet and any stress you may be currently dealing with in addition to your sexual history.  You will also be asked questions about your expectations from intercourse relating to PE as well as those of your partner.  You may be asked to complete a questionnaire on your PE symptoms to better aid your health care provider in providing you with the best treatment plan.  The assessment will probably also include discussing whether counselling will be of benefit to you.  A physical examination is standard procedure and will assess the development of your genitalia and rule out any physical abnormalities as the cause for the problem.  Other general tests may be carried out such as measuring blood pressure and assessing nerve reflexes.  If you complain of any other symptoms in addition to PE then other tests may need to be performed such as blood, urine or hormone tests.  You may also be required to time yourself with a stop watch to record your IELT.

Basic questions you may wish to ask

  • What could be a possible cause for my symptoms?
  • How long before I can expect to see an improvement?
  • How much improvement is likely to be observed?
  • Is it likely that the problem will happen again?
  • What types of treatments are there which do not involve medication?
  • Which treatment option do you recommend?
  • Are there any other sources I could refer to for information?

How is a diagnosis made?

Underlying medical conditions which may be affecting your ejaculatory control will be ruled out; should any condition be present this will be treated accordingly.  More than likely there will be no other problems therefore a diagnosis is usually made predominantly from looking at sexual history and IELT.

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