Exercises for Treating Premature Ejaculation

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Some of the first treatments suggested to you will most likely be those relying on exercises and techniques that you can learn.  These are without negative side effects and it is better to avoid taking medications unnecessarily.  By practicing the techniques recommended for treatment and staying relaxed most men will find that with time the problem dissipates.

Masters and Johnson

One technique you can expect to be recommended to you is the stop-start or squeeze-pause method.  This technique in sexual therapy popularised in the 1970’s by Masters and Johnson initially involves masturbation either alone or with a partner.  The idea is to maintain stimulation of the penis until the intensity increases, such that ejaculation would ensue should stimulation continue.  At this point a firm, but not painful, grip should be made around the penis just behind the glans (the point where the head (glans) meets the shaft of the penis).  Once the urge to climax has diminished then stimulation should resume.  These steps should be carried out at least 10 times with a gradual reduction in the intensity of impulse to ejaculate observed with each repetition.  After this has been successfully achieved to the point that the feeling of needing to ejaculation is lessened with relative ease, you can advance on to attempting the technique in more intimate situations and with more contact.  Finally, you can attempt the method incorporating full penetration and commence intercourse.  If you ejaculate before you are ready when using this technique during intercourse, go back a stage and try the technique without penetration once again.  Eventually you should find that you have much better control over delaying ejaculation without needing to put pressure on the penis.

Second erection

If you are able to obtain a second erection soon after the first (most often achievable in younger men) then you should find control a lot easier the second time.  Reaching climax either through masturbation or with stimulation from your partner an hour or two before intercourse may allow ejaculation to be delayed enough to satisfy both you and your partner.  However this strategy is not generally recommended for older men who may find it difficult to get a second erection after the first climax.  This scenario can result in loss of confidence and even secondary impotence (erectile dysfunction after previously being able to achieve or maintain an erection).

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