Prognosis after Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

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The good news is that the majority of people can be successfully treated for PE.  If an underlying problem like prostatitis, erectile dysfunction or the use of psychotropic drugs is at play then management and treatment of the causative condition should alleviate the symptoms of PE. Additionally, early treatment of disorders such as erectile dysfunction can help prevent PE from developing in later life.  For the most part PE is a low level disorder with few complications and will have little impact on your overall physical health.  Your main concerns will most likely derive from the negative psychological influences the condition may have on your mental well being and relationships.  This is where treatment will usually be focussed and while talking things through with your partner is a great first step, a mental health specialist may be necessary for addressing deep set psychological issues.  The prognosis for these patients is variable and may be dependent on the ability of the patient to not only resolve any issues with the help of a specialist but also their ability to feel they can accept the help to begin with.  It is often hard for people to deal with these two subjects that are seen as such a taboo in society; the fact they are experiencing PE, and the fact it may require psychological counselling to resolve.

Over three quarters of men who experience PE do not approach a health care provider for help with the problem.  This may be down to the private nature of the disorder and reluctance of men to discuss it, lack of knowledge about treatment options available, or even due to health care providers not approaching the subject.  Don’t suffer in silence; there are many ways you can get help.  If this is the first time you have experienced PE then more than likely the issue will improve unaided, particularly if any stress or pressure you have been under has subsided.  However assistance should still be sought because for some men PE will not go away on its own and may actually get worse without treatment.  A vicious cycle can ensue where the apprehension of encountering difficulties of control during intercourse actually leads to an increased likelihood of experiencing those difficulties and ejaculating prematurely.  With help, Secondary PE can usually be diminished through treating the underlying cause, while many with lifelong Primary PE can successfully manage their symptoms.

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