Prevalence of Premature Ejaculation

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Exact figures of the prevalence of PE are unknown with data varying from source to source since it is probable that there are many men do not approach anyone about the problem.  However from the information which is available, figures can be produced and estimates made about the incidence and severity of PE.  This may be gathered from those who do seek help and advice from a health care professional as well as gathering data through other methods such as the completion of anonymous surveys.

Prevalence estimates

Although estimates vary, the generally accepted figures are that while at least 10% of men are currently reported to be experiencing PE, approximately between 20% and 30% of sexually active men could be affected by the disorder worldwide.  This figure remains relatively consistent across different groups of men, regardless of geographic location or socio-economic background.  Studies have presented data which suggest some variation in the prevalence of PE amongst men of different ethnicities, with the disorder being reported as more common in black men (34%) and white men (29%) than Hispanic men (27%).  However another study reported that PE was being experienced by a greater number of Hispanics (29%) than black men (21%) or white men (16%).  It is thought that more men experience PE than suffer from erectile dysfunction making it one of the most common male sexual dysfunction conditions.

Prevalence according to age

Most studies find PE to be significantly more common in younger men, with a decrease in incidence observed with increased age.  The exception to this is where PE is tied with an additional condition; specifically that of erectile dysfunction.  The prevalence of both erectile dysfunction and PE shows an increased frequency with advances in age.  Young men (those under the age of 40) are most likely to be suffering from Primary PE with Secondary PE being rare.  In older men, aside from those suffering with Primary PE as a lifelong condition, a much greater frequency of Secondary PE development is seen.

Prevalence when associated with comorbidity (an additional, linked disease)

Several studies have observed links between the presence of PE and erectile dysfunction.  One study cited a significant proportion of men experiencing PE who also had erectile dysfunction (31.9%).  The combination of PE and erectile dysfunction is more commonly witnessed in older men.  PE can be an indication of chronic prostatitis, but this is rare and there are other more common symptoms of the condition.  Studies have shown a significant presence of chronic prostatitis in men experiencing PE with one study finding approximately 50% of men with PE also suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis and prostate inflammation.

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