Ventolin Delivery Systems

Salbutamol, the active ingredient used in the Ventolin inhaler, is used to treat many different conditions. There are many different types of delivery system used for these various conditions, some of which are elaborated on in this article. The article will therefore be of interest for those about to receive one of the treatments or if you know someone about to receive one.

Which delivery system should I use?

Deciding which system to use can be a challenge due to the variety of products available to people who need to use Salbutamol to treat a medical condition. The type of system will depend on what condition you have, the benefits and negatives of that system and the advice that is given to you by your doctor.

Salbutamol tablets

When given in pill form Ventolin can be used to treat the symptoms of asthma and other breathing conditions which cause obstruction of the airways. These also include chronic bronchitis (swelling of the tubes leading to your lungs) and emphysema which is caused by damage to the cells within your lungs. They will also prevent the onset of premature labour in women where this is a concern. 

Salbutamol injection

A common use of injected Salbutamol is usually the prevention of premature labour. If caught early the use of a Salbutamol injection can stop a premature labour, allowing the unborn baby to fully develop before being born. This may be used in conjunction with Salbutamol tablets for labour prevention over a longer period of time. Your healthcare provider will be able to advise you on what needs to be done in these circumstances.

Salbutamol inhalers

There are many types of inhalers that can be used to deliver a dose of Salbutamol directly to your lungs. The most common of these is the metered dose inhaler (MDI) which delivers a set amount of Salbutamol per breath of medication taken. Other methods include the use of nebulisers using liquid mixes of the drug or dry powder inhalers using a solid form.

There are devices called spacers available for use with Ventolin inhalers. These attach to the mouthpiece of the standard inhaler and provide added volume for the Ventolin aerosol to be diffused into. This increases the drug uptake into your lungs thus improving the effectiveness of your Ventolin inhaler.

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