Expiration of the Ventolin Inhaler

Medications usually have an expiry date which must be followed to ensure correct functioning of the drug. The Ventolin inhaler is the same in this sense. The following article gives details on which parts of the inhaler can expire and how to check what the expiration of your Ventolin inhaler is.

How long does my Ventolin inhaler last?

The plastic actuator and canister that form your Ventolin inhaler should last for up to six months following you removing it from its protective packaging. This assumes that the inhaler doesn't run out in the mean time or become damaged in some other way. If before the six months is reached you haven't finished all the doses of the inhaler and it expires you should again discontinue use, making sure to order a new prescription well before this date is reached. You doctor will be able to tell you if you need another Ventolin inhaler as they are sometimes given for temporary conditions.

How to check the expiration date of your Ventolin inhaler

Like many other medications Ventolin and the Ventolin inhaler will expire. This expiration date can be found on the foil packaging or box that your inhaler came in. If you have discarded these it may also be found on the label attached to your metal Ventolin canister. 

Can I use an expired Ventolin Inhaler?

As Ventolin goes past its expiration date it begins to break down. This will result in a decrease in its efficacy as a medical intervention for breathing conditions. If you continue to use it and for example have an asthma attack you might find that it is unable to relieve your condition, a potentially serious problem. It is for this reason that if you do potentially need to use a Ventolin inhaler it is recommended to only carry one that is within its expiration date.

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