The Ventolin Inhaler for a Cough

The Ventolin inhaler is sometimes prescribed for if you have a serious cough or cold. You may be concerned or questioning if you need to use it or not. The following article will be of use to those recently prescribed a Ventolin inhaler for a cough.

Should I worry that I've been prescribed a Ventolin inhaler for a cough?

This is usually a one off prescription to relieve the symptoms of a long term cough, unless your doctor has suggested a different cause such as asthma this is usually nothing to worry about. If the effectiveness of the inhaler worsens over time you should talk again to your doctor as this may be an indication that your infection is worsening.

Do I need to use my Ventolin inhaler if it was prescribed for a cough?

You should be told by your doctor how regularly you need to use your Ventolin inhaler whilst paying attention to the manufacturers dose limits. If you have been told only to take it when you need it you should take one to two puffs at the onset of breathing difficulties. This will include uncontrollable coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath. Again these doses must be less than the manuacturers maximum recommended dose to prevent potential overdose complications.

Will the Ventolin inhaler cure my cough?

This will depend on the causes of your coughing. Usually Ventolin inhalers are only used to treat the breathing symptoms of a different condition. If however you have irritated your lungs by coughing over a long period of time then the Ventolin inhaler can help to suppress the need to cough, allowing your lungs to recover.

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