Maintaining your Ventolin Inhaler

Proper care for your Ventolin inhaler is important to make sure that it continues to work properly. This maintenance involves the proper care of your Ventolin inhaler as well as knowing how to clean it. The article below details these processes.

Taking care of your Ventolin inhaler

In order for your Ventolin inhaler to function properly for the longest possible amount of time, you need to make sure that you properly maintain it. This involves keeping it clean by washing the plastic actuator in warm water at least once a week. Make sure that it has air dried before replacing the canister. There is usually no need to clean the Ventolin canister itself and may in fact damage it if not done properly.

You should also get into the habit of replacing the inhalers dark blue mouthpiece guard between uses. This will help to prevent dust and dirt from entering the inhaler, preserving its cleanliness and ensuring its optimum medical functionality.

In order to check that the inhaler is still working and not blocked it is recommended that you test it before using it. To do this you can spray a test puff in the air in front of you. This is usually done after a period of disuse or after replacing the insulator's canister component.

How to properly clean your Ventolin inhaler

The correct washing technique involves removing the canister and unplugging the mouthpiece protector. The actuator should then be washed by running it under a warm tap. You need to hold the actuator so that the water runs through the mouthpiece for thirty seconds and then through the top of the actuator for thirty seconds. After this check that any excess medication has been washed off of it, if not then re-wash the actuator.

To dry your actuator shake it off as thoroughly as possible. After this you should let it air dry completely by for example leaving it in a warm, dry place over night. Once dry you should replace the Ventolin canister and test spray your inhaler. The counter on your inhaler will decrease by one. Lastly you should replace the mouthpiece cap.

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