Ventolin Inhaler on Prescription

There are many potential reasons for a Ventolin inhaler to be prescribed to somebody. This article looks into what conditions this can be for and the type of prescription that could be issued to combat it. It may be of use for those who have recently been prescribed a Ventolin inhaler or know somebody who requires one.

What is a Ventolin inhaler prescribed for?

The Ventolin inhaler can be prescribed for a wide range of respiratory ailments. These can be for both temporary and permanent conditions. Your doctor will be able to inform you of the usual time frame for your illness. The most common problems a Ventolin inhaler is prescribed for include in no particular order asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic unproductive coughing. The lengths of time over which you may require a prescription for a Ventolin inhaler for these different conditions will vary. Sometimes only a single prescription is needed for helping with a chronic cough but other illnesses may require lifetime renewal of your prescriptions.

What types of precription will a Ventolin inhaler come on?

A Ventolin inhaler can be prescribed on either a single prescription or for long term conditions on a repeat prescription. This will be at the discretion of your doctor and will depend on the sort of illness you have. The cost of the prescription will depend on if you have gotten it through the NHS or a private option with private prescriptions usually costing more due to the lack of government subsidies. These costs on the NHS can normally be excluded or reimbursed under special circumstances such as low income, pregnancy or the presence of selected illnesses.

Why do I need a prescription to get a Ventolin Inhaler?

Prescriptions are used to prevent people self medicating on drugs with potentially harmful side effects. As the Ventolin inhaler falls into this category you will require a prescription from your doctor to get one. This is done because a medical professional will have the understanding necessary to balance the potential risks of a drug against its potential benefits for a person.

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