Ventolin Inhaler & Alcohol

As alcohol is commonly consumed and has an effect on many drugs some people find themselves wondering what the effects of alcohol consumption are on the use of a Ventolin inhaler. This article seeks to look into the additional potential health effects and changes of medical effects when using the two in combination.

Is it dangerous to use the Ventolin inhaler and consume alcohol?

The short answer here is yes. It is never recommended to mix alcohol with prescription medication. This is because alcohol could potentially interact with prescription medication leading to potentially harmful by products. It may also prevent a drug from being absorbed properly or acting to cure your ailment. This in itself can be dangerous, especially when it comes to medication for a breathing condition.

What should I do if I have taken Ventolin with alcohol?

The risks associated with alcohol consumption and Ventolin intake are low if these are kept to reasonable levels. The main risks of consuming alcohol in conjunction with Ventolin come in the case of Ventolin overdosing. The use of alcohol can worsen a Ventolin overdose by aggravating its effects. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a Ventolin overdose and have been consuming alcohol you should seek immediate medical attention and inform them of your situation.

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