Ventolin Inhaler for Emergencies

The Ventolin inhaler is often self administered to people in respiratory distress. This article describes what you need to do and under what circumstances a Ventolin inhaler may be used to relieve respiratory distress. This will be useful to anyone interested in first aid or if you know someone who needs a Ventolin inhaler.

Should I give my Ventolin inhaler to someone who is having trouble breathing?

There are a wide range of potential reasons for somebody being unable to breath properly. It is for those reasons that it is not recommended that you share your inhaler as you may make the problem worse. The best thing to do in this situation is to remove any potential causes of the symptoms and provide them with fresh air. You should also comfort the casualty and as a matter of urgency call out the emergency services.

What should I do if someone is having trouble breathing and they have a Ventolin inhaler?

If someone is carrying a blue Ventolin inhaler for the relief of breathing difficulties they will usually administer puffs themselves. If this is not the case then you should give them their Ventolin inhaler to use and ask them to take slow deep breaths. Get them to sit down, not lie down in a comfortable position. If this hasn't worked within a few minutes then get them to take a second dose.

If the above method doesn't work you need to call for the emergency services. This should also be done if the casualty is beginning to feel weak or is having trouble talking.

Where can I get a Ventolin inhaler in an emergency?

If you have previously been prescribed a Ventolin inhaler and have run out of medication you may have an urgent need for a refill if it was for a permanent condition. In this case it is also possible to get a dose directly from a pharmacist. To do this you will need to be able to prove that you have received a Ventolin inhaler in the past you should also go and see your doctor afterwards as you may need your medication changed or a repeat prescription issued.

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