Where to go if you Need Ventolin Inhaler

If you think you may have developed a breathing problem or are a long term sufferer then knowing where to go to get access to a Ventolin inhaler may be of great concern to you. This article seeks to inform you of the common ways to go about doing this.

I think I've developed a breathing problem, what should I do?

If you notice that you are having trouble breathing when taking part in physical activity or when exposed to air born contaminants or air of low quality you may be developing a breathing disorder such as asthma. Trouble breathing can manifest as shortness of breath, wheezing or a tight chest. Another symptoms to watch out for is a persistent cough or cold that recurs frequently.

If you are experiencing these symptoms for the first time and they are not too severe then you should book a visit to your GP for further testing. They will look into your family history and perform further testing to check to see if you need to use a Ventolin inhaler.

If you or somebody around you is having serious trouble breathing then the emergency services may need to be called out. You can tell if somebody is having trouble breathing because they will start visibly labouring for breath. In addition to this their face will turn either pink or blue depending on the person. You should not share or give the person medication to help their breathing unless you are a licensed professional as this could make the problem worse.

Where can I get a Ventolin inhaler if I'm a previous user? 
If you have had a breathing disorder in the past then you should have been given a repeat prescription if it was required. If this is not the case you should revisit your GP to inform them that you are still experiencing symptoms. Ventolin inhalers are sometimes issued for temporary conditions that can cause difficulty breathing so prolonged use isn't always recommended by a doctor.

If you have a prescription then you should be able to go to your pharmacist to get another inhaler. It is usually advised to always carry a spare inhaler on your person should your old one run out.

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