Cost of the Ventolin Inhaler

If you have recently been diagnosed with a condition that requires the use of a Ventolin inhaler you may be concerned about how much it is likely to cost. This article looks at the costs of a Ventolin inhaler when prescribed either privately or on the NHS. It will be useful for anybody who has started requiring a Ventolin inhaler and is unaware of the costs associated with this.

How much will a Ventolin inhaler cost on the NHS?

As the NHS is a service open to all it has been necessary in recent years to introduce charges for prescriptions. This cost is usually approx. £8 for a single prescription. If you are likely to need more than three prescriptions within a three month period then prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) are available for approx. £30. This sets a limit on how much you will have to pay. Twelve month versions are also available at a cost of approx. £105.00 for those likely to require more than 14 items.

If you determine that the number of prescriptions you usually require within those periods is in excess of the limits stated above then you will need to inform your pharmacist, hospital or doctor and ask for a form called FP57. This form must be filled in and returned within three months of paying the prescription charges.

You may be exempt from the above charges on the NHS if you are over the age of sixty, under sixteen or sixteen to eighteen and in full time education. MatEx and MedEx exemption certificate holders will be exempt from these costs as will war pension exemption certificate holders if the prescription is for their condition.

Further exemptions can be gained from either you or your partner holding a valid NHS tax exemption certificate or you holding an HC2 certificate. In addition to this if you receive income support, job seekers allowance (JSA), employment and support allowance or a pension credit guarantee you may also be entitled to free prescriptions.

How much will a Ventolin inhaler cost from a private healthcare provider?

The cost of a prescription will be set by your respective private health provider. Normally on the NHS the cost of a prescription is made up of the charge needed to see a doctor and the subsidised cost of the prescription itself. If using a private healthcare provider the cost of the prescription is not normally subsidised and additional charges may be added on top of this base price.

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