How Often Should I Use a Ventolin Inhaler?

Like any other drug the Ventolin inhaler has a specific number of doses that you should take within any one 24 hour period. Knowing what this is is important to prevent overdose and allow you to use your inhaler when needed without fear of overdosing. This article gives the standard usage doses but as always the documentation that came with your inhaler should be checked or GP consulted.

Can I take another dose of my Ventolin inhaler if it doesn't work first time?

It is usually acceptable to take a second puff of your inhaler if you are having an asthma attack and the first puff did not relieve it. You should however wait for at least thirty seconds before taking a second puff. This wait will be to check whether or not the first dose works. If after taking both doses you are still unable to breath properly you will need to call out the emergency services as this is likely to be an urgent problem.

How many doses can I take in one day?

The use of the Ventolin inhaler is limited to once every four to six hours. This adds up to five to six doses a day with up to two puffs at each intake. It is not always necessary to take the full amount with many people only using their inhalers when they feel an asthma attack starting or when they are having difficulty breathing. In this respect your GP will be able to give you more information regarding what you should do in your specific circumstances.

When taking a dose from your inhaler make sure that you are using the correct technique. Ineffective use of the Ventolin inhaler will result in less of the drug reaching where it is needed in your lungs. This can mean that the doses you are taking are not as effective as they could otherwise be.

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