Ventolin Inhaler and Sports

The use of a Ventolin inhaler can prevent the onset of breathing difficulties when playing sport and acts as a treatment for if they do occur. This article looks at why your Ventolin inhaler may be needed and how it should be used when taking part in sports.

Can a Ventolin inhaler prevent breathing difficulties when playing spot?

If you use your Ventolin inhaler before taking part in sport this can help to loosen your airways which may help to prevent an asthma attack or difficulty breathing. This will also be partly dependent on the conditions which you are exercising under. Cold weather, dust in the air and air pollution may still trigger an attack so you should keep your Ventolin inhaler near you while you exercise.

An extra precaution you can take is to slow down or stop if you do begin wheezing. Only start activity again if you are able to return your breathing to normal. Whilst the Ventolin inhaler cannot prevent an attack for certain, it may help to reduce the chances of you having one.

Do I have to use my Ventolin inhaler before taking part in sport?

Some people find that exercise regularly induces an asthma attack. They may also be unable to effectively partake in sporting activities due to breathing disorders of a different nature. In these cases the use of a prescribed Ventolin inhaler before you start training may be able to help you to avoid breathing difficulties.

If you do not have these sorts of troubles then it is not always necessary to use your Ventolin inhaler before training. It is however recommended that you keep it close by so that in the event that it is need your Ventolin inhaler is readily accessible.

The Ventolin inhaler and sports doping

There is unfortunately the potential for the Ventolin inhaler to be used for sports doping to improve an unsporting competitors oxygen uptake. This may be dangerous to them if it has not been prescribed by a licensed medical professional and underscores the importance of not sharing your prescription medication with anyone else.

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