What Happens After Thigh Lift Surgery

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After surgery is successfully completed, you will then be taken on to the ward and allowed to come round to consciousness again naturally, as the anaesthetic wears off.  You will be offered any pain relief you might need and have your wound dressed by a qualified nurse.  It is normal during this time to continue bleeding from the wound, although this should be a slow flow and should stop after a couple of days. 

You will be encouraged not to move if possible, in order to allow the wound to heal as well as it can.  This is particularly important, as in a lying position the thighs have a lot of contact with each other and the bed surface, increasing the risk of opening the wounds through rubbing against another surface.

You will be held under observation for at least several hours, in order to ensure that there have not been any undetected complications during surgery, or that none develop in the immediate post-operation period.  Depending upon the policy of the clinic and your well-being, you may be allowed to leave the ward that very day, or alternatively be required to stay at least overnight.

Going Home after Thigh Lift Surgery

Before you leave, you will be given a final check to ensure that the wound is clean and no problems such as haemotomas (collection of blood beneath the surface of the skin) have arisen.  Any drains that have been inserted will be removed and any fluid that has accumulated beneath the skin that has not been successfully drained will be drawn off with a syringe (known as needle aspiration).  A fresh dressing will be applied and advice for how to care for the wound and yourself will be suggested by one of the nurses on duty.  You will be strongly encouraged to wear a support garment, such as a surgical stocking, in order to help the healing process.  Before you leave, you may be encouraged to book your first post-operative check-up, of which you can expect several with the clinic over the coming weeks.  The clinic staff will then ensure that you have some safe means of transport home and you may leave to continue the recovery process at home.

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