How Long the Results of Thigh Surgery Last

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Unlike some cosmetic procedures, the results of thigh lift surgery are lasting.  As no material is implanted, there is no need for replacement or renewal, and the only factor affecting the appearance of your thighs is how well you maintain your body. 

It is important to remember, however, that the procedure involves the lifting of existing skin, not its replacement by a younger and more elastic material.  As such, any weight that you might subsequently put on will stretch the thighs and change their shape again.  If you then lose this weight, the skin on the thighs will be stretched again.  It may then be necessary to have another thigh lift procedure in order to regain your desired appearance, negating the cost and effort of your first operation. In order to be realistic, you must also expect the effect of the lift to diminish naturally with age.  The continued loss of skin elasticity with age cannot be stopped.  However, it can be slowed with a healthy lifestyle and good skin care.  Regular toning exercise, together with a moisturising routine should ensure the best result from your surgery for the longest possible time.

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