Alternatives to Thigh Lift Surgery

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There are few alternatives to thigh lift surgery that provide the same extent of lift and tightening.  These depend on your expectations, whether these be to reduce cellulite, improve your silhouette or feel slimmer.  These are:

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Liposculpture
  • Anti-cellulite products
  • Control garments

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

This is by far the healthiest option, and can provide a multitude of other health benefits too.  Even by making small changes, such as doing a couple of minutes of skipping in the back garden every morning or using smaller plates to reduce your portion sizes can make a sizeable difference to your physical shape and how you feel about yourself.  Regular exercise can make you more confident about your body image, have a more toned or sculpted appearance and improve your posture, instantly elongating your body and giving the impression of slimness.  Giving up smoking will make this process a lot easier and improve the colour and condition of your skin.  Keeping hydrated with plenty of water can also help plump out your skin, reducing the lumpiness associated with cellulite.  As a necessary preliminary to surgery itself, it is worth persevering to ensure that you cannot get your desired effect simply by this method alone.


If it is the size and weight of your thighs rather than hanging skin which is concerning you, it would be more advisable to choose another surgical procedure altogether, such as liposculpture.  This is the name commonly given to liposuction from the entire circumference of the thigh, improving the shape and reducing the size in the process.  This can help to bring your body into proportion, and is often done at the same time as thigh lift surgery, to create smaller and firmer thighs with taut skin supporting them.  If this is the route you wish to take, it is strongly advised that you do some research into this procedure, which has its own particular benefits and risks.

Anti-cellulite products

These products have long been popular with the consumer public, and are purported to be ever more sophisticated.  There is testimonial evidence that they make some difference to the appearance of the skin, and there are plenty of brands with unique ingredients to try.  However, while less drastic than surgery, the results are much less well attested.  Arguably, there is no proven difference between what a cellulite cream can do, and a combination of regular moisturiser and drinking water regularly.  Simply the act of massaging the skin may make some difference to its texture, but without tightening the skin and removing the excess pockets of fat immediately below the skin it is difficult to eradicate.

Control Garments

Lastly, if your concern is with wearing tight-fitting clothing and improving the contours of your lower body, it may be worth investing in a support garment.  These need not be medical quality, and can easily be bought from some high street shops, particularly if you are a woman.  Wearing larger control knickers or shorts can instantly slim the body, eliminate any undesirable bulges and are smooth enough not to be seen under tight fitting clothes.  As you will need to wear a control garment for a considerable time after your surgery, it is worth seeing its effect on your figure before resorting to surgery, if you have no desire to permanently alter your skin and figure.

After assessing your finances and physical fitness for surgery, you may find some of these alternatives more viable than thigh lift surgery.  If you do choose to go ahead with thigh lift surgery however, you can be more certain that you have made the right decision and will be able to have an informed discussion of why this is with your consultant.

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