Types of Thigh Lift Surgery

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There is only one basic procedure for a thigh lift, which is to remove some of the excess skin and stitch the skin back together so that is it taut.  However, depending on your desired outcome, placing of scars or surgeon’s experience, the incisions can be made in different places.  The following is a brief guide to each area of skin removal, although during a consultation your doctor will give you a more specific outline of the course he or she intends to take.  They may even indicate the intended place for incision marks and later scars on your body with pen.

Medial Lift

Also known as an inner thigh lift, this consists of an incision being made along the groin fold, back towards the perianal area.  A small oval shaped patch of skin is removed and then the skin is pulled tight before being stitched together. 

Vertical Lift

For a greater quantity of excess skin, it is possible to have a vertical incision.  This is made on the inside of the leg, from the groin fold down to the inner knee.  This allows a greater section of loose skin to be removed before being tightened, although this more extreme procedure leaves a larger, more visible scar. 

Bilateral Lift

This lift focuses on the front and outside part of the thigh.  The incision is made from the groin outwards towards the hip before the skin is tightened and stitched together.  This can be made higher around the abdomen or lower, depending on your preference for where you wish the scar to lie.

Spiral Lift

This is a more recent development in thigh cosmetic surgery, and aims to effect a comprehensive lift across the whole thigh area.  The incision is made below the buttock crease and continues through the groin fold.  By following the contours of the body this procedure aims to leave as unobtrusive a scar as possible, and by lifting the whole thigh it is particularly suitable for those who have lost a lot of weight and have a great deal of excess skin surrounding the entirety of each thigh.

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