Scars from Thigh Lift Surgery

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Scarring is an unavoidable part of having surgery, and even the best cosmetic surgeons cannot eradicate them completely.  As an extensive procedure, thigh lift surgery can leave lengthy scars, and this is to be expected.  If you wish to have surgery in order to reveal more of your lower midriff, upper legs or bikini area, this is something which needs to be taken into account.

The location and length of the scar are dependent upon the placing of the incision and the extent to which skin is removed.  You should be able to have some part in the decision as to where this will be, as your surgeon will try to find a compromise between the effect you want and the scarring you can tolerate.    However, there is a balance between the two, so if you require the removal of quite a substantial piece of skin from the inner thighs, this will be likely to leave a long scar from the groin to the inner knee.  Likewise, if you desire a lift of the skin on the thigh in every visible direction, this will leave scars around the circumference of the leg at the top.  Your surgeon will try to conceal your scar as well as possible around the bikini line, and they should give you some indication of where it will be in your consultation. 

Scars can actually appear to worsen in the months after surgery, which can be a cause of concern.  However, with patience they should begin to improve in appearance from nine months after surgery onwards.  Some people develop keloidal scars (enlarged, inflamed, raised scarring) and there is no way to prevent against this, except for maintaining cleanliness around the wound and allowing it to heal properly.  If you have developed keloids previously, this may give you an increased likelihood of one developing after thigh lift surgery.  These are benign scars however, so if your expectations are more focused on your body contour than on revealing your skin, this should not deter you from surgery.

Hiding Scar from Thigh Lift Surgery

Most scars can be effectively hidden by underwear, and will fade with time.  There are some creams on the market that are available from pharmacists which will soften the scar tissue and reduce its appearance.  It is also useful to note that a tan can also diminish the appearance of a body scar, so either a safe natural tan or self-tanning products may make you more confident in showing your flesh.

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