Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery

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The cost of the procedure is one of the primary concerns that should be considered before approaching a surgeon.  The thigh is a large area and requires several hours of work in surgery, and an obvious but overlooked part of the price is the fact that in almost every case the patient will want the procedure being carried out on both thighs, which might be charged separately.  This price is all the more of a personal responsibility, as this cosmetic surgery is not currently considered essential for anyone.  Consequently the British National Health Service does not fund such operations and most medical insurance companies do not pay out for thigh lift surgery either.

Prices vary depending on the area of skin affected, the complexity of the procedure and the individual private clinics offering the procedure.  What is more, prices vary considerably from country to country, due to the different structures and pay of their respective health systems.  This has given rise to the culture of going abroad to “have work done”, and returning with an altered appearance.  Attractive though this is, however, attention needs to be paid to the other costs involved.  These include flights, accommodation and spending money.  The discharge time after thigh lift surgery can be very quick, with some operations being carried out in outpatient clinics and the patient going home the same day; however, the recovery time is quite protracted and mobility limited.  This means a long time resting before travelling back home, ideally in the company of someone trusted who can stay and help you with household activities.  This may still be cheaper than having the procedure in your home country, especially if exchange rates are favourable.  However, accessible aftercare may be problematic after the immediate recovery period.  This is a risk that has to be weighed against cost.

Prices can only be accurately quoted after a consultation with the company.  It is also important to note that it is perfectly possible- and legitimate- to book consultations with a personal short-list of favourite companies.  In this way you can compare prices, the qualifications of the surgeon responsible for your procedure and the facilities for aftercare.  But in order not to be caught out, you should check the policy of each company, as some offer appointments for free, whereas others charge from the first consultation

Approximate prices for popular clinic destinations as of July 2010 are:

  • UK –between £3,000 and £5,500.
  • Belgium- approximately €2,500.
  • America- prices range from $2,000 to $9,000.
  • Cyprus- approximately € 2,800.

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