Surgeons carrying out Thigh Lift Surgery

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Any of the surgeons working in the UK should be registered firstly with the General Medical Council (GMC), and those that are not or have been struck off are practising illegally and need to be reported.  Aside from this preliminary, you can research whether they have an acknowledged specialism in plastic surgery by searching through the GMC’s specialists’ register, which is available online and at public libraries. This demonstrates that they have had specialist training, usually for a further six years after becoming qualified medical doctors.  If they label themselves a cosmetic rather than plastic surgeon however, this list is not applicable.  They may be just as skilled, but there are fewer rules governing their regulation and consequently it is more difficult to find professional, rigorous, independent accreditation for them.   In other countries it is advisable to search out the equivalent regulatory authorities when looking for a plastic surgeon.

Failing such information about specialism, it is important to study any promotional information on websites and in brochures clearly.  In addition, you may wish to ask a member of the company through telephone enquiry or the surgeon themselves during a consultation to explain their qualifications and experience.  If they are well-qualified and have a good reputation in the field, they should be happy to do so.  They should also be willing to discuss the number of revision procedures required by the patients, and rates of satisfaction.

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