Choosing a Clinic to have a Thigh Lift

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With the plethora of private clinics offering thigh lift surgery, it is possible to become overwhelmed by the choice available.  Ideally, the best option would be to ask friends and family for their personal recommendations, but with one of the less common procedures (compared to breast augmentation for example) it can be difficult, and perhaps embarrassing, to approach acquaintances.

By far the easiest way to access information is by the internet.  Search engines will bring up a multitude of different private clinics, but it is well worth investing some time in exploring their websites to ascertain which are the most appropriate for you.  Factors to look at include:

  • Proximity to home (you will not be able to travel back home alone or drive for several weeks)
  • Cost
  • Reputation of the company and its surgeons
  • Aftercare (including the number of years)
  • Own hospitals or sharing with other businesses

Most companies’ websites also have a form to request a brochure, allowing you to consider what they offer at your leisure, and share ideas and concerns with others.

In terms of results, it is useful to see patient satisfaction rates, preferably verified by an independent body.   Good websites should show this or make it available upon request, and for those companies which choose not to, perhaps it is worth considering why they do not wish to publicise their success rates.

Some websites display ‘Before and After’ pictures of patients.  This can give some indication of scarring and the extent of results, although there are likely to be selected for their superior results rather than as an example of an average outcome.  There are also often testimonials.  These case studies can be informative, especially about expectations and concerns that patients had and how they were resolved.  However, as with pictures, these are selected by the companies for marketing purposes and consequently do not give the balanced view that would be most useful to a prospective client.  Instead, blogs and chat forums might provide some more reliable personal accounts of thigh lift surgery experiences with different clinics. 

It must be borne in mind though that the results of the actual procedure may rest on the expertise of a particular surgeon and some experiences may only be symptomatic of a single clinic (often the larger companies have clinics across the country).  Try to be as specific as you can in your searches, and if necessary start a new chat forum thread some time before you plan to have the surgery asking for advice on your chosen clinic if you do not feel confident enough with the information presented by the company itself.

Before a consultation has even taken place, it is often possible to arrange a representative of the company to call you for a discussion.  This is an opportunity to voice any concerns to might have and ask more specific preliminary questions, such as approximate prices to expect from your expectations.  This can often be an important part of the decision-making process, but it must be remembered that in all probability the person you are speaking to is a patient co-ordinator, or part of the customer services staff, rather than a medically-qualified professional.  Nevertheless, as a preliminary to making a visit to a consultation, it can be a more convenient way of confirming or eliminating potential clinics.

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