Vaginoplasty Alternatives

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A vaginoplasty is not the only way to achieve a tighter vagina post-pregnancy, and other methods such as Kegel exercises ought to be investigated and tried before surgery.  These might require you to take action yourself or might not be a permanent solution, but might be a good idea if the surgery worries you or is too expensive.

Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercises

This is the standard way to strengthen your pelvic muscles and is recommended to all women.  To do a Kegel exercise you have to clench the pelvic muscles for one second.  The more repetitions you do and the more you do them, the stronger these muscles become.  Pelvic floor muscles can help with problems such as minor incontinence, better support for the internal organs closest to the pelvis, increased strength for the back and for your stomach as well as some reports of increased sexual pleasure and control.

Exercise Inserts

Also referred to as ‘cones’, these are generally used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises and are a plastic or rubber insert that once placed in the vagina help to make the exercises more effective.  These have been shown to be a lot more effective than exercises without any additional help, being effective against moderate incontinence.

Gels and Creams

There are creams available online and in some health stores that claim to stimulate the walls of the vagina, causing them to slightly inflame, so making the vagina narrower.  These don’t last permanently, and generally wear off after a few hours, although can be a much cheaper alternative to surgery.  Some women claim that they use the creams before having intercourse, and they help to tighten the vagina, allowing greater stimulation for both them and their partner.

There are alternatives to having a vaginoplasty however they do depend on your application, and sometimes even a lot of repetition of pelvic floor exercises will still not tighten the vagina sufficiently.  It is often the case that these fail, and vaginal tightening surgery is the only option left open.  

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