Reasons for having Vaginoplasty

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A vaginoplasty isn’t something to undertake lightly, and unless you have a genuine problem, either physically or emotionally, should not be conducted.  However, if you do have a problem then a vaginoplasty could be a good solution to these common reasons.

The most common reason that women have a vaginoplasty is because they are having difficulty in re-strengthening the muscles along the wall of the vagina following childbirth.  When giving birth the muscles are severely stretched, and this can often result in serious, long-term damage that exercises such as pelvic floor exercises cannot address.  Everyone is different, however, and not all will have these problems post-birth.  More often than not the recommended exercises will work if given enough time to take effect. 

Women who have gone through the menopause sometimes have problems with an enlarged vagina, and may have the same problems as those who have undergone childbirth.  Weak vaginal muscles might also be inherited. 

Some women might have complications with their vaginal muscles due to other surgery, illness or birthing accidents that might make a vaginoplasty a good solution to the associated problems.  Examples of this might be a prolapsed pelvis, which can exert internal pressure on the vagina causing pain and discomfort, or scar tissue could rub on clothing causing irritation and possible infections.  An enlarged vagina can also cause small amounts of incontinence when sneezing or laughing as the pelvic muscles are left weakened leaving the pelvis and abdomen to push down, this can even lead to pain when passing stools. 

It is not just the physical problems that can be helped by having a vaginoplasty, but the surgery can also help to improve self-esteem and confidence.  Vaginoplasty can return the vagina back to previous sensation, toning and strengthening the muscles to allow greater sexual pleasure for both partners as well as cutting out any embarrassing noises or trapped water that can be caused by an enlarged vagina.  This can enhance sexual confidence as well as helping with your general overall wellbeing.  Having vaginal tightening surgery can help you to gain confidence with new partners and can restore your previous sexual experiences.

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